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The Dad Joke King is your home to sometimes funny dad jokes, parenting tips and other funny life advice hosted by The Real Kevin Richardson.  The Dad Joke King Podcast is released every Wednesday morning to make your hump day just a little better. 

In each episode you will find a mixture of dad jokes, parenting tips and funny life advice. Be sure to stick around at the end of each episode for the after show where you will find something a little different each week. 

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About the Host

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Real Kevin Richardson

Podcaster / Content Creator / The Dad Joke King /

Kevin Richardson is a Husband of 1 and Father of 3. Kevin is a Podcaster, Content Creator, Stock Trader, Security Director and a Kayak, Snow Ski and Ping Pong enthusiast. Oh Yeah, he is also The Dad Joke King!

Kevin proudly lives in the Music City Capital of the world and the home of hot chicken, Nashville, TN.

Kevin is passionate about creating content for his Dad Joke King brand on his Podcast, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. He has a large following on TikTok and has several videos over a million views on TikTok and Instagram.