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Great FUN!

What a fun five minutes! Thank you for the laughs, Kevin

Really funny stuff

I thought this was really funny stuff. It made my day. Life is hard and you made it a little bit brighter for this Bethesda gal. I'm gonna be sure to tune in every day.

I love Dad Jokes and this Podcast!

Dad Jokes are great and so is this podcast which is full of dad jokes. Nothing like a dad joke to make you roll your eyes and groan. LOL!!!!

I bow to the King of Dad Jokes!

These dad jokes are great! I even laughed out loud. Lookin forward to the next episode.

You know I have to give this a 5 Star rating. I mean I love dad jokes and I love telling dad jokes and sometimes he laughs.

You are The Dad Joke King

This is definitely the home of the sometimes funny dad jokes. The videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube with the username RealKevinRichardson are funny too and some even have millions of views.