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Feb. 23, 2022

Sad News! A Crosseyed Teacher and a Girl Who Broke Up With Me. A Parenting Tip and News about Ireland and Even Arkansas.

Sad News! A Crosseyed Teacher and a Girl Who Broke Up With Me. A Parenting Tip and News about Ireland and Even Arkansas.
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The Dad Joke King Episode 5

This is the Real Kevin Richardson and welcome to the dad joke king. The home of the sometimes-funny dad joke, but I wouldn’t count on it.

In todays show, I have sad news to share. I have a joke about a cross eyed teacher and a girl who broke up with me. Then we’ve got the rapid fire dad joke medley and a parenting tip about reading to your toddler that you will not want to miss.

Let’s do that thang...

Before we get started I wanted to do something a little different and take time to share with you, that’s right…. I have sad news.  My maintenance man lost his legs at work. Now he is just a handy man.

Did you hear about the crossed eye teacher? He couldn’t control his pupils.

Alright, here is the Dad joke of the week…

My girlfriend broke up with me because I stole her wheel chair.  Don’t worry! She’ll come crawling back!

It’s now time for the dad joke medley….  

  • What did Tennessee, the same thing Arkansas.
  • What is the biggest pencil in the world? Pennsylvania. 
  • What did Delaware? Her New Jersey. 
  • What country do cows love to visit? Moo Zealand. 
  • What state does the most laundry? Washington. 
  • What is the biggest pan in the world? Japan. 
  • Where do hamsters come from? Hamsterdam. 
  • What kind of cows do you find in Alaska? Eskimoos!
  • Ireland’s capital is the fastest growing city. Every year it’s Dublin. 

Before we go let me give you some advice.

Your parenting tip of the week is… 

To make yourself seem like a better dad, tell your toddler that you wrote every book that you ever read to them. They are not that smart. 

Your challenge is to Visit me at and click on the tell a dad joke button and tell me a dad joke. We have a growing community on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and this podcast and I want to hear from you. 

Thanks for listening to the Dad Joke King. Visit for more sometimes funny dad jokes, but I wouldn’t count on it.   See ya!

After Show

Congratulations you made it to the after show or maybe I should say I’m sorry. This is where I talk about nothing so feel free to skip if you do not want to hear me ramble on. This past week I had a scary and stressful time as a dad. That’s right, I took my 16 year old daughter to take her drivers test.  Of course I was worried that she may wreck or that she would do something that would cause her to fail the test, but I may have been more worried about did I do enough to teach her how to drive or to get her ready for the test.  So, right before the test I was doing a crash course on parking. Okay, crash course is a poor choice of words, but I was trying to make sure she was really comfortable parking, but it turns out the test was just a quick loop on the road and didn’t really involve any parking, so she passed.  Now she has to pass me much harder test before I let her drive by herself and she also has to be 40. 

 I want to thank Haley Snow for leaving a 5 star review and I want to thank you for being here. You make this fun. 

Don’t forget to visit and click on the button to tell me your favorite dad joke.  See you next week.